We Gather

Being together is important to the people of St. Andrew’s; equally important is welcoming new folks.

Perhaps that’s you.

If it is, please accept this as our personal invitation to join us; it’d be great to meet you!
What follows are examples of when and how we gather.


Sunday Worship


We come together at the church on Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m.

The program is lively, easy to follow, and ‘first timer’ friendly.

Program content (prayers, songs, etc.) are projected on an overhead screen.

We love to sing, and so we do lots of it. Our song selections lean towards the contemporary, but also include the more traditional.

Newcomers are always received as our guests; we have no expectation of you, other than you enjoy yourself.

The same goes for what clothes you wear. Whatever your choice, be comfortable!

Significant to what Sunday worship is like is our belief that God is with us always, and that we are never alone, regardless of circumstance. We also believe that there is nothing that can separate us from the love of God.

We consider the teachings of Jesus as centrally important to who we are, and how we live our lives. We hear readings from the Christian Bible every Sunday.

To discover The United Church of Canada’s most contemporary expression of our faith, better known as a Song of Faith, please check out:

Rites of Passage
(marriages, baptisms, funerals)

We mark the seasons of a person’s life by offering 3 distinct rites of passage – the sacrament of baptism, the marriage celebration, and the funeral/memorial service.

Each of these is poignant and profound in that they acknowledge the sacredness of life’s journey.

Every rite recognizes the realities at hand, be they joyous or sorrowful, names hope for abundant life here on earth or in the great beyond, and serves to honour the person(s) and their circumstance.

To learn more about these rites and their availability, please contact our Office Manager, Arlene, at 705-426-7101.

United Church Women

The U.C.W. has a long and faithful record of providing women of our congregation with social, educational, and spiritual opportunities tailored to their needs and desires, and in conjunction with the wider agenda of the group’s national organization.

The U.C.W. supports a variety of causes by raising funds through catering meals. An annual Turkey Supper in November is always well received!

To find out more about the U.C.W. and its activities, please see the events calendar on our home page or contact Janice at 705-426-7749.

Being Social

Whether its after worship at ‘coffee hour’, when we gather to study or work on a special project, when we enjoy a meal together, or perhaps when we go on an outing, the folks of St. Andrew’s genuinely enjoy being together.

We’d love for you to be part of our gatherings.

Watch the calendar on our home page for details of upcoming events, and join us. We’ll make sure you feel welcome and included!